Here's what some of our customers have said about us

"...Thank you for all of your help and good service. Everyone we dealt with at The Keeping Room was so helpful and quick with responses to our questions..."
Patty Anderson
St. Paul, MN

"I think ( is a great concept, and is executed perfectly. It is an amazing resource for people to come, gather information, and get prompt answers right from the man in charge. Nothing quite gets to me more than someone spending their hard-earned money on junk, when a high quality alternative could have been purchased had they ran across someone like Duane, or just made an informed decision. "
AZJoe posting

"...Both pieces arrived in excellent condition and have met all my expectations. I am immensely pleased with this furniture and the very thoughtful manner in which the account was handled..."
Earl Williams
New Orleans, LA

"...I want to let you know how much we appreciate the service we have received from The Keeping Room. You have spent a great deal of time answering questions for us and we are pleased with our selections. As well, I want to let you know how much we appreciated Matt's and his assistant's help on delivery. They were so nice and helpful - they even took our old bed down to put the new one up! What Service! ..."
Lynn Vaughn
Greenwood, SC

"...You came though with flying colors! The bed is a beauty..."
Peggy Cifrino
Alexandria, VA

"....I recently had a nasty surprise about an inattentive parent letting their (fairly old) kid draw all over my less-than-a-year-old H&M pieces. Sent off an e-mail to Duane as a first check on what my options were. Less than 24 hours later, I got a detailed reply, and in response to a follow-up question, Duane personally called up the right guy at H&M and got back to me immediately. Sitting in France -- thousands of miles away from my home -- it is a huge relief to be dealing with someone with the integrity, knowledge, responsiveness, and ethics of Duane. I shudder to think of what might have happened had I gone with my local "high-end" chain store that deals in H&M. Price isn't the only reason to buy from the Keeping Room -- service is every bit as important for a purchase this size, and from my experience has been excellent, even when buying long-distance from Duane."

-RAIDER posting