Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other stores near me where I can see your furniture?
We have only one location located near historic Mt. Vernon, Virginia. We do ship worldwide and can get your pieces to you in any number of ways. See  "shipping information" for details.

How long does it take to order furniture?
Most product is made-to-order. Average build times are 6 to 12 weeks on most pieces.  We make a best-guest estimate on delivery times and are always happy to update you on order progress, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date on things we may not have in stock.

I'm in a hurry. Can you get it to me quicker?.
There are quick ship programs in most upholstery pieces, where we can request expedited delivery. Cover availability will determine if that is possible.

With the wood case good items we carry these are truly handcrafted. There is no mass production and no way to increase capacity while still maintaining quality. Increasing shifts and running machines at a faster rate can speed up factory-made furniture. In handcrafted pieces, the cabinetmakers can do only so many operations in a given day.

I need to see more than what you are showing, or I want to try the upholstery before I buy.
Call us or e-mail us. We have a scanner and digital cameras that enable us to send you detail shots of specific pieces almost immediately. Requests must be for a specific piece and not for an entire category of furniture. Please do not ask for us to send you photos of 'everything in the store', or 'all the beds you offer'. We cannot honor those kinds of requests.

There are literally thousands of models and styles of upholstery among the makers. No single store can stock the entire line of product from a manufacturer. Additionally there is no database of what store might carry what item (we are all familiar with this as car dealers do have that capability).  Sometimes we can recommend a piece we may have in stock that is similar or arrange a factory tour if you are willing to travel to the factory and you can see the piece as it comes off the production line.

What is your return policy and warranty?
We allow 14 days (less time in transit) to return items in 'as new' condition, on in-stock product.  Special orders that we make just for you are not returnable.  Manufacturer warranty applies in all instances. Shipping returns are the responsibility of the customer in all cases of a warranty claim.  If the maker deems the item is defective, they will repair or replace as per their determination and policy, and pay for the shipping back to you. Items paid for in cash or with a personal check receive full credit/refund, those paid with a credit card less 3%.

Do you customize?
Yes, we have the capability to customize many products from wood case goods to upholstery to suit your needs.  We can even scratch build an entire piece to your preference and do so on a regular basis. The ability to customize will vary by maker, as will pricing to do so.  

Do you repair / refinish / reupholster furniture?
Generally we do not. A few of our makers will repair the items they originally made for a fee, and transport costs back to the maker will be the customer's responsibility.  If you are local to Northern Virginia and need reupholstery, we recommend SPICER'S UPHOLSTERY on Wheeler Ave. in Alexandria VA.  They do high-quality work.

How can I keep from damaging the finish on my kitchen and dining room tables?
The number one enemy of any table finish is not liquids, but heat. Heat can come from many sources (hot pizza boxes from the delivery service are a prime culprit) and that concentrated heat will 'open' up the finish on most tables, allowing the undercoats to absorb moisture. As the heat source cools, the topcoat closes back up and you are left with a large whitish area underneath, known in the trade as 'blush'. This requires a professional to remove and reflow the top. Be sure to use a trivet or proper heat isolator when taking hot dishes to the table. A napkin or placemat is too thin and will not protect.

Remember too, that wood malleable. It dents and can scratch regardless of the maker or type of wood. Treat the tabletop like you would the hood of a new car and it will maintain its appearance and finish for years.

All horizontal surfaces have a heat and water resistant topcoating and will tolerate various degrees of moisture and heat. In general, alcoholic drinks are the ones to be concerned with and only if they have extended contact with the table surface.

Where is your furniture made? Will you give me the name and location of the cabinetmaker?
Our pieces are made in the United States, on the Eastern Seaboard and Mid-Atlantic states.  We do not sell imports.  Our job to answer your questions and concerns about any maker's item we represent, and the makers prefer you contact us.

Your furniture seems expensive. Why does it cost so much?
Skilled Labor in the U.S. never gets any less expensive over time. Health care and OSHA requirements also contribute to high costs of operations as do high-quality raw materials.  The products we represent are the best of their kind and we would not sell a product we would not proudly display in our own home.  Anyone can make something faster and cheaper, that's a given.  The trick is to get the best value for your dollar spent and we feel that's something we can offer among our product lineup.

How does the typical construction differ between handcrafted and factory made?
There are many, many differences. Here's a sampling of some aspects:

Factory Made  vs  Handcrafted
Belt Sanded (perfectly flat)  vs  Hand Planed (slight ridges)
Glued & Doweled Joints  vs  Mortise and Tenoned
Plywood or pressed wood drawers  vs  Solid pine or popular bottoms
Staples  vs  Hand cut nails
Rabbit-jointed drawers  vs  Dovetailed
Screwed-On Chest tops  vs  Dovetailed Cases
Lacquered finishes  vs  Water-based Dyes and Shellac finishes
Veneers or narrow board construction  vs  Wide board, solids
Glue-socketted chair legs  vs  Bore and wedge for strength
Stamped brasses  vs  Hand-filed cast brasses
Laser Carvings  vs  Hand Carved
Glued-Up Head & Footboards on beds  vs  8-Way bolt-up beds
Latex or Lacquer Paint  vs  Real 18th Century Milk Paint
Magnetic Catches and latches  vs  Wooden turns
Plywood Backboards vs Tongue and grooved pine or poplar

Do you have a catalog to send out? 
The world has changed and internet web sites are how modern marketing is done.  Catalogs are generally cost prohibitive.  The plus side is that web sites are free, and can be updated much quicker than printing a new catalog.  Check our website for links and if there is something you don't see, contact us!

Do you collect sales tax outside Virginia?
Only customers taking delivery of goods inside the state of Virginia pay 5% VA sales tax. We do not collect taxes on pieces shipped outside of Virginia.  You may be liable for a Use Tax in your state on your purchase.

Do you have a financing plan?
Yes. We offer 0% Interest over 6 months on approved credit if paid within terms.   Our program is operated by GE Money and functions like a regular credit card with monthly billing cycles. Once approved, you will be issued a Keeping Room credit card good for any purchase or order deposit in the store.  Why not use our card and have 6 months to pay rather than a typical 25-day cycle on Mastercard/Visa/Discover?

What are my payment options? 
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  American Express is accepted with a 1 % surcharge.  Cash and your personal check are always welcome as well.

I saw an item in your store and when I came back to order it was gone. Can you get another?
Many of our furniture pieces, artwork, and oriental rugs are 'one-of-a-kind'. In some instances we cannot re-order.

I'm an Interior Designer / Architect / Builder / Commercial Establishment. Do I get a discount or can I buy Wholesale?
Sorry. We have a one-price policy.

How authentic is your reproduction furniture?
Very. We supply many of the historic properties around the nation that can no longer (or afford) the original antiques for their property. Our furniture is divided into authentic replicas (exact copies) and adaptations. People are much larger today than they were 250 years ago. Were you to sit in an exact replica of a Windsor chair, for example, you would probably feel very cramped. Several pieces have been increased in size by ten percent or so to better accommodate the size of people today. 

I bought my furniture from you last year and am startled to see bare wood in the door panels and edges of my table not flush with the top.
If this is your first purchase of this category of furniture, you may be startled to see the shrinkage and expansion that wide board furniture goes though as a normal seasonal process. When using wide solid boards, they must be constructed to move with changes in temperature and humidity, otherwise the board will stress and split the length of its grain. You'll see evidence of this shrinkage on table breadboard ends as well as raised panels together with moldings on chests and the like.

Also, there is less finish material on our pieces than in the typical factory-made scenario. We start with a much higher grade of lumber and are finishes are lighter in texture (less layers) to show the beauty of the natural grain. This will also reveal more of nature's flaws as well. You'll also see tool marks and finish variances typical of hand-made pieces.

What if the furniture will not fit inside my house after I have ordered it?
We will do out best to help you figure out egress into your home which can be an issue on large sofas and the like, but cannot guarantee items will fit in your home.  If local to the store, they can be returned if coming from our floor stock.  Special Orders are not returnable and you will have to make arrangements to store your purchase in your garage or elsewhere until you can modify your egress for fitment.  

If I buy a leather sofa, are the color swatches on the maker's web sites OK to order from?
Leather colors can vary considerably from digital or printed swatches. Its recommended you request a small sample of the hide prior to ordering, they're free of charge and you may order 10 to 12 samples to give yourself a range of choices.

Why are your floor models sometimes less costly than if I order a fresh piece with the same specs?
Frequently our makers will have "dealer specials" to entice us to buy floor models, and in turn we pass that savings onto you for these single items. 

If you have any more questions that are not answered here, please feel free to visit, which has hundreds of posts and topics covering virtually all aspects of our products.